The Count of Tai Chi

Count! Count!

I felt like a kindergarten teacher asking a child to count. Is it so difficult to count out loud? In my mind I was going schnell, schnell……







Do not assume that counting quietly will work. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sorry, I should say for beginners mostly it won’t work which is why its better to learn to count out loud.

When you count out loud your voice can help to trigger your attention. Yes, that’s right. So achtung, achtung! Do it. Don’t be embarrassed.

It is quite interesting to discover that though you are telling yourself what to do your body simply does not do it. You may think or imagine that you are doing it but the reality is that you are not doing it.

So count and feel. Do it many times until when you say the word your body will follow along. Then as you go on you can say it softer and softer until you can just think the counting and still do it.

Once the practice started going it is possible to see the magic of using this method that provides for a much more precise method of moving the body using the intention. Sometimes it sounds so simple that students just cannot believe that it works until they really jump in. The process of Master Tai Chi Today is not just practice, but precise practice.


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