It is a good feedback when my student said that he was experiencing a feeling of fullness when playing the long form. This was after he worked on it for a while after I tweaked his movements further by breaking down the movements into more sub-movements.

He could appreciate the difficulty involved but nevertheless kept working to get it right. As he did so one problem arose. He could not keep his balance on one leg and hence kept landing his leg hard on the ground every time he has to move into a stance. Our requirement is to step like a cat but he wasn’t making it.

The root cause was obvious – it was his previous method of using the stance in Cheng Man Ching style Tai Chi that was making it difficult to move lightly. This was a good time to bring up that during the learning process it would be better to put aside his previous learning otherwise he would have a hard time making the transition to a new way of doing things.

More corrections but this time he was having a hard time getting it because too many things to keep track of. The mind may be willing but the body was rebelling. The lower body work is normally the one aspect that gets everybody. The only recourse is to keep working on it. Strive and persevere – that is the secret to Master Tai Chi Today.


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