At Long Last

As of 2011 it had been 12 years since I ghost wrote a book for a friend in Hong Kong. The book that I wrote was meant to be published under his name. I had proposed this book as I believed that it was the closest to what the Wing Chun of Ip Man would be. I had read many times that Grandmaster Ip Man was a master of kicks and here was a system in which kicks were expertly used.

For whatever reason the book was still not published by 2011. So I rewrote it and published it as an eBook entitled The Ip Man Questions – Kicks, power & strategies in the martial art of Wing Chun. Though the eBook used information from the other book by the time I finished with it the reader would be hard put to tell that they are similar.

In the interim, I learned that my friend had been hard at work building up a network of schools throughout Europe and successfully ran seminars there every year. Still no news as to whether he will publish the book. Until 27 Mar 2016 when I read that the book will finally be published.

Today I saw sample pages of the book on Facebook. Looks like apart from minor changes the draft that I wrote is more or less intact. Below I have put the sample pages side by side with that from the draft. The pages on the left are from the book.


You can compare the original contents with the final published one and see that that little has changed. One addition is that of Chapter 6 and a new introduction by Checkley Sin who produced the Ip Man movies which I supposed is apt given that the Ip Man movies gave Wing Chun a tremendous boost in popularity.


From the sample I can’t tell if the table has been omitted or retained. I hope it will be in as this table which was proposed by my friend is very useful.


The photos used are still the same as that proposed ages ago. These photos are great because in them you can see the unique flavor that defines the Wing Chun of Ip Man that focuses on the use of kicks. The attacks used might look archaic in today’s MMA context but take note that the person who posed as the attacker is a genuine practitioner of a southern style who learned from a renowned master.


In the sample above I noticed that Legacy of Ip Man which was originally placed under Appendix 2 Roots of Wing Chun has been brought forward.

I don’t know if my introduction will be edited but below is the original that I wrote. When I read it again I can recall the excitement when I first saw this style of Wing Chun which was then little known outside of Hong Kong.


I think the book Willow In The Wind – Wing Chun’s Soft Approach by Donald Mak will be a smashing hit. I have read and seen a lot of Wing Chun books since a long time back. Most of it don’t quite excite me. However, Willow in the Wind does and its not because I helped to write it. If anything, it is because it genuinely presents an approach that few know about much less get to actually see apart from those who are fortunate enough to glimpse it, feel it or learn it.

In ending I would say that all serious Wing Chun fans and practitioners should not miss Willow in the Wind if you want to know the true Wing Chun approach of Grandmaster Ip Man. It transformed the way I applied my Wing Chun back then for the better and I am sure it will do the same for you too.

P.S. – this post has not been solicited by the author and if you happen to read it please do not share particularly to students and instructors in his style. This post is intended only for readers of my blog for information purposes. For more information on what interests me for learning and research purposes please visit my Flipboard magazine The Tao of TaijiKinesis here.


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