Meeting Requirements

Do I meet your requirements? So asked my student after showing me how he performed Cloud Hands.

Its true that every teacher has requirements on how the form should be performed. But my requirement are not really my requirements. Instead, they are the requirements spelled out in the Tai Chi Classics, in books on biomechanics and kinesiology.

But ultimately, the more important question is however we may do it can we use it?

If we can’t use it then why can’t we use it? Is it that the requirements are wrong or that we failed to master the requirements? What is it?

For this purpose, the learning journey is one filled with failures but each failure brings us closer to the way we are seeking. We can’t be perfect but we can minimize the percentage deviation from the requirements whatever they may be.

Below are some thoughts on checking to see if one can meet the requirements :-

A) Movement procedures

i) Did you meet the requirement of the 5-Count as outlined on page 58, TaijiKinesis Vol 2?

ii) Which part of the body moves first and why?

B) Combat considerations

i) How should you move your arms?

ii) When do you step?

iii) How much should you turn?

C) Biomechanics

i) How do you generate power?

ii) When do you generate power?

iii) When should you refrain from using power?

D) Qualia

i) What do you feel in terms of roundness?

ii) What do you feel of your body’s alignment?

E) Energy

i) Which core energy are you using?

ii) How do you generate energy with minimal impact on your balance?


The above are not exhaustive; merely a guide to enable us to check our progress to Master Tai Chi Today.


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