In a previous post I spoke of Creativity.

To an onlooker last week’s class with my lady student might have resembled a dance class. I wanted to teach her how to neutralize a strike using minimal movement and in such a way that it would not faze her.

However, she was not quite getting it. So as they say necessity is the mother of invention. Thus, I drew a comparison between our movement to that of making a bow to invite a lady to dance. This afternoon I found an illustration to show what I meant.



We should note that using an analogy here is for the reason of making it easier to understand the movement and not to confuse ourselves into thinking that a dance bow is a combat movement. However, there are enough similarities between both movements as to warrant us doing so. The dance bow is also useful to help us learn how to neutralize a strong double handed push.

Though dance is dance and Tai Chi is Tai Chi the core movements can be similar and thus understanding dance can at times be beneficial to enable us to make progress to Master Tai Chi Today.


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