Calling a Spade a Spade 3

Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

Have you figured out the trick GM Tsui used?

The trick used is based on a simple principle – do not oppose force head on.

That’s it.

Its that simple.

Yet as incredible as it sounds students have a hard time doing it because their natural inclination is to resist force head-on when they feel it even though they have been told and shown how not to do it.

Because something simple is difficult to do students are misled into thinking that its a high level skill when it is but a fundamental skill of the internal arts.

This is why it is sometimes said that we have to be prodded into awakening, to experience that sudden aha! moment when we know how its done after experiencing it first hand. It will be clearer if we can do it even if on a limited level.

On this basis those who have practically zero Tai Chi learning experience can actually pick up fajing faster than even those who have learned the art before. The reason is because their mind is relatively unclouded, tainted by past experiences and information which caused them to resist new knowledge, thereby sabotaging their own progress.

Doing fajing is not difficult nor requires a lengthy learning process. What you require is to put in the time. The more time you put into practice the earlier you will reach proficiency level. The key to Master Tai Chi Today is simply to do what you are doing over and over again, learning from each failure until you reach mastery.


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