Calling a Spade a Spade

Below is the latest video on GM Tsui that someone posted up at rumsoakedfist :-

One forum member wrote that the video is showing internal component. Seriously? I wonder if the writer knows what internally really is before saying so.

My question to the forum member would be “Internal? What internal?” I do not see anything that would be defined as internal, at least from my understanding of what internal is about. What I can see is external performed in a smarter way, making it seem internal to those who think they know what internal is about when really they don’t have a clue.

Take a look at 0:22 GM Tsui demonstrated what force against force is supposed to be like. At 0:26 he showed the use of no force and how the other person cannot stop it. Is this internal force or internal power?

I suppose many would start nodding their head and agree that its internal. My opinion is that it is not internal. Far from it. You don’t have to believe what I say. Just open up your eyes wide and see closely. You will notice that there is nothing internal about what GM Tsui demonstrated at all. What I see is a simple trick, so simple that I can get any student on the first lesson to do it regardless of whether they have previously learned Tai Chi or not.

So if this is not internal then what is GM Tsui really demonstrating here? Can you figure it out? Its not rocket science, rather its more like plain ole commonsense. If you do not understand what is happening here then you will be likely to continue to be taken in by masters purporting to have internal skills when they do not really have it. Open up your eyes, learn to see things as they are and you will be on your way to find out what internal really is about. You can then begin your real journey to Master Tai Chi Today.

Part 2 continues here.


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