TaijiKinesis Handbook

I have created a new page for a handbook on TaijiKinesis, our method of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. You can go here to view, download or print.

The handbook is the revised version of the Slate eBook that was previously posted on the Singapore Tai Chi Chuan blog.

Students now have a resource to understand better the roots of our style of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. This is certainly not the final version of the handbook. A more detailed version may come in the future; as to whether it will be for public or private (for those students who have reached a certain level of mastery and deemed competent to teach) consumption is another question.

In the meantime for those who want to Master Tai Chi Today I hope you enjoy reading it.


Want to learn Tai Chi in Singapore? At Singapore Tai Chi Yang Style (TaijiKinesis) lessons covering forms, weaponry, push hands, fajing and applications are offered. Lessons are conducted in English. Download the handbook here. Send enquiry today at the link here.

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