Where’s Your Mind?

Recently I received an enquiry to learn Tai Chi not so much for combat but as an aid to learning meditation.

I can understand that the learning of Tai Chi can be helpful to the learning of meditation and vice versa. However, this would be applicable only to those forms of Tai Chi which lack the training of intention.

In our method of Tai Chi I feel that the training of intention is superior to the training offered by meditation. In fact, form training can replace meditation altogether because the training of form is meditation in motion.

In addition, the training of push hands can help the practitioner check and test his state of mind. Its one thing to sit solo in meditation and achieve enlightenment and another to achieve enlightenment through a combination of solo form practice and push hands practice.

The difference is that you may think that your mind is trained after meditating for a period of time but will your mind be able to remain detached in the face of pressure. This is the million dollar question.

The training of solo form is to help us to reach a state of emptiness. If you have really achieved this state you should be able to be detached and hold your ego in check when doing push hands. If not, you will keep on, nay, insist on resisting on the slightest pressure from the training partner.

Perhaps for those who do not have any inclination to train in a martial art meditation will be a good substitute. But I feel that if you can Master Tai Chi Today you can literally kill two birds with one stone.


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