Student Notes-Solving Root Cause


My student took a hard fall today on the concrete floor in his attempt to escape from a potential throw.

I say potential because I have not initiated any throw, just put in the movements to set up the throw. However, he reacted prematurely and in his struggle he tripped over my leg and fell. I tried to catch him but it was too fast, too late.

The takeaway lesson here is that resisting this way is not advisable. Why?

It so happened I was reading through a text on design this afternoon before our lesson. This chapter mentioned that in many real life instances people solve the surface problem but not the real problem. It is so true in this case because the real problem was that his balance was captured but he did not solve it.

Instead, he attempted to resist and escape. But in not solving the problem of his balance his escape bid only doomed him to failure. Hence, his hard fall. He said that sometimes only after falling does one learn the lesson. Unfortunately, it is true for many.

I expanded on this lesson of solving the true root cause by using a leg bump-neck pull throw that is commonly used in push hands. This is a very effective technique which can cause the person being thrown to suddenly go flying towards the ground.

However, solve the root cause of the effectiveness of the technique and one has a fighting chance sans the usual hard resistance which would result in the opponent changing to another technique.

To Master Tai Chi Today remember not to be fixated to the surface problem. Instead, identify the real problem and then solve it.


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