Student Notes-Fill the Cracks

A useful strategy to use in push hands in to be like water. Most of the time when we think of being like water we think in terms of flowing from movement to movement. The video below is an example of what I mean :-


One question I would ask about the training above is what next? I mean we can flow and we can flow. But how does it teach us to apply techniques in push hands?

This is what I feel is missing in a lot of push hands training. Many times you either see aimless flowing or pushing for the sake of pushing. How does this train us to become better at using the techniques of Tai Chi?

In our approach to Tai Chi we follow the teachings of one of my teachers, Master Leong, who said that we should analyze the application of techniques if we are to be able to use the techniques.

Thus, in the study of Push Hands Game, we examine carefully how techniques are implemented and change from one to the other in the manner of water instantly rushing to fill in cracks.

For example, upon opening the front door we can implement embracing the sparrow’s tail and wrench the opponent’s arm. However, if he resists (depending on how he is resisting and the amount of resistance) by bending his elbow we can instantly flow into cross hands strike and so on and so on.

The key to Master Tai Chi Today is to train in a logical manner. If you don’t quite know what this is take a look at any traditional style that still keeps to the old ways.


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