Student Notes-Catch the Tail

One of the training topics on the first day of Chinese New Year focused on the skill of catching, capturing and cuffing the wrist as part of the study of Push Hands Game.

In this training one of us (the trainer) played the part of the opponent offering his wrist to be caught whilst the learner implemented his techniques and strategies to catch and lock the wrist.

In the initial part the trainer offered some tension in his arm so that the learner can have a chance to walk through the step-by-step procedures. As the learner became more familiar the training became more free flowing with the learner attempting to do his best to slap the lock on whilst the trainer resisted the attempts either by tensing hard or letting the arm loose like the tail of a sparrow.

Overall, the study was broken up into different sub-topics :-

i) How to get and capture the position

ii) How to catch the wrist

iii) How to stick and adhere to a moving and resisting arm-wrist

iv) How to cuff and lock the wrist

v) How to instantly ramp up power and inflict pain

vi) Applying different strategies


As part of the process to Master Tai Chi Today we study the use of locks, beginning with the simplest, the wrist lock. Different variations of the wrist lock teach different principles, strategies and component techniques.


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