Year of the Monkey

The year of the sheep is coming to an end this weekend. Come next Monday the year of the monkey will begin.

In previous years no students would want to train during the festival period particularly not on the first two days of the new year when Chinese people would spend the time to visit immediate families and relatives.

Surprisingly this year students want to come for training even on the first day of the new year. Whilst this shows serious commitment to mastering the art it unfortunately also highlights the decline in our Chinese culture. This is not altogether surprising when considering the festive mood is barely felt on the streets unlike previous years.

Another new year, another year older and hopefully a step closer to Master Tai Chi Today for all students. In the new year here’s wishing everybody a Happy Lunar New Year :-


I wish you in the Monkey year ahead
a somersault of 9,000 kilometers (18,000 li),
72 simultaneous transformations in scholarliness,
and 81 kinds of creative skill


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