Student Notes-What?

The learning of Tai Chi Chuan requires us to know what we are doing. This means that when you learn the movements you don’t just move your arms and your legs. You need to learn the reason for doing so, the application, the strategy, principles, etc.

I like it that my student makes an attempt to articulate what she has learnt. However, sometimes this can give rise to funny situations when she has not captured the understanding properly.

When we do the first 108 form we learn to move the 5 major points. So she was trying to explain to a friend who practices kickboxing that the practice of Tai Chi involves learning how to move all the parts of the body.

Understandably her friend’s reaction was what? You learned how to move ALL parts of your body? I would be skeptical and laughed too.

So its important to be accurate in addition to remembering what you are supposed to do. You can say that the journey to Master Tai Chi Today is like that of a craftsman in that the devil is in the details but its not just knowing the details but one must know them accurately. Aye, that is the key.


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