Student Notes-Letting Go

A key to Master Tai Chi Today is the application of the principle of Yin and Yang. This can be studied in a Rollback technique that we do in push hands. This particular technique requires us to let go of as much strength as possible in the face of strong pushing strength in order to apply the technique successfully.

On the surface it feels strange to do this because the logical mind would call for the use of more strength and resistance when one is in a perilous position and about to lose balance. However, to use more strength would mean that you end up giving the opponent a better handle to attack your balance.

In such a situation we need to apply the principle of Yin and Yang to resolve the problem. The logic of Yin and Yang implies that if our opponent’s strength is strong and we use more strength against it then we are basically fighting fire with fire. So unless our strength is stronger then our counter is not likely.

Thus, the alternative is to apply the principle of Yin overcoming Yang and allow the opponent to exert more strength whilst we let more of our strength go. If your listening skill is spot on then at a certain point in that split second your timing would merge with your opponent’s.

When you sense this then you take over your opponent’s movement but let the opponent feel as if he is still in control of his movement. Thereafter, you can lead his movement and strength to a position whereby his Yang starts to become Yin.

At that moment you should seize the opportunity and apply your Yang to overcome the opponent’s Yang that has just become Yin. Done properly the opponent will feel that in one moment he is in control and the next he is losing his balance and control.


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