Secret of the Mouse

This was not something I expected. Let me digress ……..

A few weeks back a friend mentioned about the pain that she felt each time she used her existing computer mouse.

So I explained to her how the pain can be alleviated. She mentioned about the use of wrist resting pad. I said that its better to get the correct type of mouse so I asked what mouse she was using.

She didn’t quite know but thought that it might be a Logitech mouse. I recommended her to get a Microsoft mouse instead. Later after dinner we ended up at Challenger and we tried a few models.

Finally, I told her that the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse seemed to feel the most comfortable. After touching and feeling the mouse for a few times she bought it. Below is what the mouse looks like :-


This week I decided to buy another mouse. It was a toss up between the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse and a Logitech Trackball II. After checking the reviews of Trackball II I made a decision in favor of the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse.

Bought it, took it out of the box and just used it without looking at the manual. However, before I put the box away today I thought why not have a look at the manual in case there is some interesting information inside.

Wow, interesting!

What did I see?

OK, I found the same information on Microsoft’s website so here goes……

If you go to Microsoft’s website for the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse you would read this description :-


The following words in Bold are interesting :-

The advanced design of Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse maximizes wrist comfort while making navigation effortless. Shaped to encourage a more natural hand, wrist, and forearm posture, Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse helps prevent the pain of repetitive stress injuries.

After using it for two days I find that the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse is very comfortable, much more than the older Microsoft mouse that I have. So I agree with this. Next, if you hit the download button on the website that you see in the picture above you would find a Quick Start Guide amongst the list of downloadables.

Click on the Quick Start Guide and go to the 3rd page. Under i2 you will see the following drawing on how to use the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse :-


Can you see what made me sit up when I saw this part of the Quick Start Guide?

If you didn’t guess it already its the middle drawing that got my attention. Yes, the instruction on how to hold the Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse to assume a more natural hand, wrist, and forearm posture to maximize wrist comfort is what caught my eye. Why?

Let me take this drawing and put it together with the drawing for the Elongated Wrist principle from Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s book and words will not be necessary to explain.


However, if you fail to catch the point it is this – the Elongated Wrist principle is meant to cultivate a shapeless hand, wrist, forearm structure that facilitates the release of force in Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.

Interestingly, in today’s modern scientific context we can see that the Elongated Wrist is ergonomically maximized in design. How the old time Yang style masters, Yang Luchan the founder and his son, Yang Chienhou, from whom our knowledge has its origin is something I guess we will never know.

That some writers have said that Yang Luchan was illiterate would made it even more amazing how the Yang style which he founded could have this ergonomic hand structure in an age when ergonomic as a scientific branch did not even exist.

Ergonomics as a term used in a philosophical narrative was only coined in 1857 by Wojciech Jastrzebowski. It was not until the 2nd World War that interest began taking off in human-machine interaction in relation to design.

Whatever its beginnings or origin the principle of Elongated Wrist is real. For me it has proven effective in enabling the wrists to achieve a level of sung that is different from what I could attain using the wrist principle of other Yang styles. If you wish to Master Tai Chi Today you might want to investigate this unique principle of our Yang style Tai Chi Chuan.



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