Student Notes-Think!

Part of the study of our push hands game involves the investigation of how to deal with a strong force acting on your structure threatening to unbalance you as well as sealing your ability to move.

One simple scenario is your training partner placing one hand on your elbow and the other on your wrist something like what is seen below. Grabbing and holding strongly onto your wrist is an option. P.S. – this technique has a name – can you guess what it is? Hint – page 350, 11.10 picture (x), TaijiKinesis Vol 2 : Learning the Taijiquan Form shows the technique applied in another way.


What your training partner will do is to wait till you are moving your weight back at which point of time he will suddenly exert power and press your arm against your body to jam it.

When you try to move back to escape you find that you can no longer move further. You also try to turn your waist to neutralize your training partner’s strength but he is riding your movement, going along with it and crowding into your space. Attempts to dislodge his hands holding your arm is difficult as your arm structure is collapsed and sealed against your body.

So what do you do to solve this scenario?

Let me share with you the origin of this technique. One of my teachers loved to do this. I could never get out of it. I tried to turn. Didn’t work. Moved my arm. Nope – he just used both hands to prevent my arm from doing anything.

Basically, the technique is set up in such a way that its difficult to escape from. The solution that my teacher presented didn’t work because the logic of the solution was not there. Finally, after studying the Tai Chi style of Grandmaster Wei Shuren not one but many solutions came to the fore.

Anyway try it with a partner. Its fun to see his frustration when everything he tries just won’t work. Oh yes, when doing it agree not to step but just stand in the same spot and try to solve the problem. This is how we can Master Tai Chi Today, by investigating problems that teach us about our reaction, our control, structure, etc.


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