Older folks are urged to exercise so that they can keep themselves fit.

Tai Chi is good for training coordination, timing and balance. Some weight lifting can help bone density. Now old folks can add learning how to fall to their training.

The story of Elliot Royce here is particularly inspiring and useful. If you are not treating the subject of how to fall seriously you should – take a look at this info here.

You may think that you are too old to learn. Really? Read this here.

Old folks falling down is serious business. Read how a scientist, Dr Clive Pai, is doing research into it here. Or watch this video about broken hips :-

My observation of old folks is that many have problem walking, have slouched posture, bad knees, unstable legs and inability to take a fall without breaking an arm or a hip. With the help of Tai Chi the question of posture, balance and bad knees can be addressed. Doing kicks and rigorous stepping is good for strengthening the legs. Working on pole strikes repetition gives the bones a workout as well as pumps up the heart.

Whilst I don’t teach how to fall I would mention to students that they should learn how to fall wherever they may learn it. Those who are into self-learning can try out the information offered by videos such as this one :-

I know some people accept falling as an inevitable part of growing old. It does not have to be. Even young people can fall down. One of my students told me that the training of balance in Tai Chi has prevented him from falling down a few times.

Even if you are not into Master Tai Chi Today you should take the subject of old age falling seriously if you don’t wish to suffer pain and the inconvenience of immobility in your old age. I won’t even mention the impact on the person trying to take care of you if ever you are immobilized and have to use a wheelchair.

Whilst you are at it work on losing the excess weight too. Did you know that its a chore trying to lift and move a heavy person? I once saw 7 nurses in a hospital trying to lift up a 120 kg woman. In the end they had to use a portable lift to get her up.


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