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I have updated the Enquiry page. The reason is I have been getting enquiries for group classes even though its stated throughout this website that I only teach 1-to-1.

I have seen the quality of students who learned from Tai Chi teachers who teach for health, exercise and wushu performance whether in a group class or in a private lesson. My frank opinion is that there is no Tai Chi flavor in the movements of the students which basically means that they have not learned any Tai Chi at all!!!

I know they still call what they do Tai Chi even though there is no Tai Chi characteristics present. Some may think that as long as they can wave their hands in a soft manner then they are doing Tai Chi. I hate to burst their dream bubble but waving hands softly does not necessarily mean that one is doing Tai Chi.

To be considered to be doing Tai Chi one has to be in compliance to the principles of the Tai Chi Classics whether when playing a form, doing push hands or applying the techniques. Otherwise, even if the teacher praises the student for the performance or the student thinks that he is doing a bang up job of learning the art the sad conclusion at the end of the day is that they are deceiving themselves.

There is a saying that when you open a window in summer you can expect flies to come in. Unfortunately, the popularity of Tai Chi has attracted all sorts of flies. Some even slapped the title of master or grandmaster on themselves even though their performance is lacking and falls short of proper compliance to the principles.

I cannot stop such practices. I can only offer up information to educate those who are genuinely interested in the art proper. To learn and practice Tai Chi as an art that is in compliance to the principles of the Tai Classics take a lot of effort and time. It is not in jest that I say that it is easily 10 times more difficult than even learning Chen style Tai Chi.

However, most practitioners will not understand what this really means because they have never learned the art at this level of difficulty. Learning Tai Chi is not a monkey see, monkey do affair. Instead, you need to learn, ponder, investigate, practice and refine if you are to do justice to the art. This is why Tai Chi is not for everybody. Only those who have learned elsewhere, failed to find what they are looking for, have questions which cannot be answered by their present practice or have past learning to act as a baseline for comparison will appreciate what Tai Chi really is about.

Each Tai Chi learner will go through 3 phases of learning – health, combat and enlightenment. The health stage that we achieve is different from that of other Tai Chi styles. For example in other Tai Chi styles they teach you to do breathing in a certain manner. However, most practitioners who learn for combat may not realize that this is not as useful as it appears to be. Why?

If you cannot answer the question then you should look to the Tai Chi Classics and consider what makes Tai Chi a high level martial art. Perhaps then you will see the point of not going for breathing pattern.

For combat learning many engage in what is basically shoving, pushing and wrestling. However, if you examine the forms that they practice you may ask what happened to those other 99% techniques in the form. Why are they not using them? Is it because the 99% techniques are useless, unrealistic, impractical or they simply do not know how to make them work?

Finally, the enlightenment stage will help you, the serious practitioner, cut through the BS. You will experience something that is akin to Zen enlightenment except that you will also enjoy the ability of being able to fajing using mindmechanics and something else which you have to experience for yourself as words cannot adequately describe the Tao.

The above gives an idea of how we approach the question of Master Tai Chi Today. There are no airy fairy, flights of fancy to our approach. Instead, if you pick up a physics text you can see our approach in there too. The only thing that would be missing is how to know that you are really using intention to control your body.


Want to learn Tai Chi in Singapore? At Singapore Yang Style Combat Tai Chi lessons covering forms, weaponry, push hands, fajing and applications are offered. Lessons are conducted in English. Send enquiry today at the link here.

10 thoughts on “Enquiry Page Update

    • Thank you sir for your reply. I’m not able to make that timing for now.

      I am very curious and would like to experience first hand what is happening. Should an opening at 2,3,4pm open up, could you kindly let me know? Many thanks in advance.


  1. Ed, if you just want to try you can do so on 18 Nov at 4 pm as a student is away on that day. If the lesson works for you then we can see if some arrangement can be made on the time.


  2. Hi My wife and I travel from Honolulu to Asia and we will be in Singapore for a few days. We will be there around the 23 of March. We are long time students and instructors within the Dong family lineage. I have been enjoying your posts and hope we may have the time to meet with you and exchange greetings. Aloha, Mark


  3. Dear sir, do you know about someone teaching Yang Jianghou – Wang Yongquan – Wei Shuren lineage in Europe? Or maybe more generally, do you know about a decent small frame school in Europe? Thank you very much for your answer. Pavel


    • There is a chap in Poland from Wei Shuren lineage. Whether what he offers is what you are looking for is another matter.

      The word “decent” can mean different things to different people. I don’t know what you are looking for when you use the word “decent” in this sense.

      I would recommend that you visit the teacher, ask hard questions and try out to see if it’s what you want. Give some resistance to see if the teacher can really do it or it only works on compliant partners.


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