Student Notes-How to Be Strong

I had finished writing a post and thought I was done for the night. Then I had to see a video on Facebook and thought what a magnificent example. So here I am, back again for one more post.

I thought of putting up the video in Clips but I think there is no need because what I want to illustrate can be seen in the screen capture itself. So here it is the two screen captures that made me go gaga :-


The point I wanted to make is the same one I tell my students. Zhan Zhuang as posed in the pictures is good for fostering strong strength. The drawback is that the way it is posed makes it difficult to acquire a balance of hard-soft in one’s posture. It does not take a genius to see why. Hint – go get a book on anatomy.

I don’t say this based on my learning experience only. Some of my students come with the same baggage. So each time we touch hands I am grateful to their old habits because it makes it so much easier for me to uproot and fajing them.

This is why I sometimes ask students to discard or at least temporarily put aside their previous learning otherwise it would be impossible to correct them. I have a student whom I would consider to be smart; at least he is smarter than me since he has a doctorate.

However, he has the same habit seen here. I would correct him only to see the same habit pop up again in the next minute. I thought a week later he should have this old habit corrected.

Nope. A week later. Same habit.

And another week later. The same.

If you want to be strong copy this posture. If you want to be balanced in your energy such that you can neutralize and issue easier then don’t copy it. Instead, eradicate your old habits if they are like such. This is how you can Master Tai Chi Today. P.S. – once the corrections are in the improvement can be felt and seen instantly.


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