Clips Folder

Yesterday I created a new folder Clips in which I can place videos that I make reference to in certain posts.


The Clips folder can be accessed using your TaijiKinesis Vol 2 eBook password. The reason why only those who have TaijiKinesis Vol 2 can access the folder is because :-

i) Topics in this blog relates to the learning and mastery of Tai Chi Chuan, a similar objective which is covered in TaijiKinesis Vol 2. The difference is that in a blog the coverage is not half as extensive or as focused as TaijiKinesis Vol 2 in providing a road map for those who are serious to get somewhere with their learning

ii) They have a vested interest which is demonstrated by buying an access to TaijiKinesis Vol 2. The Clips folder is another avenue to help them to move further along the path of mastery

The world of Tai Chi can be very political, filled with time wasting, unnecessary “us versus them” arguments. My objective for Master Tai Chi Today is not for the reader to be caught in polarizing arguments that ultimately lead nowhere.

In illustrating a point I could make videos that demonstrate what I feel is a way that in my opinion has shortcoming but it will look contrived. I would rather show to the reader that the arguments I make are based on actual observations. Thus, it would be better for the reader to view an actual clip of what I was thinking of when I wrote the post.

In this sense, when the reader is viewing the video of an example of something we could improve on please do not think of that approach as no good and therefore we are better. If anything, the reader should thank the people in the video for helping him to improve his understanding by teaching him what not to do.

If I put the videos in the open I would end up attracting trolls. Life is too short for me to waste time arguing with trolls. I have long learned that those who truly want to to learn something will open themselves up to learning possibilities. The rest will be just self-experts who think they know what it takes to master an art; the irony is that if they know better than why is it that they have yet to achieve mastery. As usual, self-deception can be a major obstacle to mastering Tai Chi. If you want to really get there, then wake up from your self delusion and perhaps you can still make it.

Finally, if you have the interest to find out more about my approach to Tai Chi it is presented in TaijiKinesis Vol 2 : Learning the Taijiquan Form which is available here. The eBook provides a roadmap by acquainting the reader with the core principles and more important how to use the solo form to train the use of intention. Sample applications are offered to help the reader understand clearer how the movements should be in terms of possible usage.


Want to learn Tai Chi in Singapore? At Singapore Yang Style Combat Tai Chi lessons covering forms, weaponry, push hands, fajing and applications are offered. Lessons are conducted in English. Send enquiry today at the link here.

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