Student Notes – Beginning Pole Training 2

It is about a month since my student, X, began pole training as mentioned in my post here.

We have moved some ways down the form but he is still struggling to find his feet with a particular sequence of 3 movements which calls for 180 degrees consecutive attacks.

In other areas he is still playing the form in an erratic abrupt manner, a consequence of lack of practice. This is why in the past I told him to keep up with the daily practice, if necessary to even do it while watching television. X really needs the practice if he is to achieve the skill of moving the pole like a poisonous snake.

On the practical training side we have moved a bit past the basic partner pole attack and defense exercise. I have since added in leg strikes as well. Today I added in overhead strikes, how to slice fingers, counterattack on the retreat, and how to recover from a position that seems bad but with the right response can put the defender in a better counterattack position.

We also worked on a more free form stepping exercise to teach how to control his timing and space. The lessons learned here were then translated into a pole-less emptyhand exercise for defending and counterattacking.

Our strategy for how to Master Tai Chi Today is not to collect forms or worry about lineages. Instead, we focus on how to master the principles by working our way through the forms and weapons and putting them into play.


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