Learning to use the intention to direct the body requires a change in the way new students are used to practicing their Tai Chi when they were with their former class.

It is the norm for students to physically feel tired after they practice the form for a while. However, in the practice of our form it is not unusual for them to mentally feel tired at the end of practice. In fact, most of the time they will tire out after a few minutes.

I know its tough but in order to remap their neutral pathways to enable them to move in a new way they have to endure their mental challenge until they are mentally fit and can endure prolonged hours of practice.


Neuroplasticity may sound like an out of this world term to a normal Tai Chi practitioner but to those who pursue the path of the mind, Warriors of Intention, then this is the proven way of enabling our mind to permanently rewire the way we move.

For example I have been telling my student to keep his arm position in a certain manner for weeks. However, whenever we touch hands he would revert to his old habit and not even aware of it.

I would think after pointing it out he would not repeat the mistake. Wrong. In the next moment he would revert to his old habit. So its not easy keeping strong awareness of what we do. It can be exhausting to keep track of every little thing but this is how our kung fu is.

And this is but the beginning part, actually the easier part of the learning. I don’t even want to scare him by telling him how much more taxing the mind will be when he moves into the advanced part.

Want to Master Tai Chi Today? Train the use of your mind from Day 1 and the impossible will one day become the possible.


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