The Ouch of Fajing


There is no such term as Fajingnitis but it has such a nice ring to it. Fajingnitis would be a term I made up to refer to the ouch of fajing.

What do I mean?

Everyone loves to fajing and its not just confined to Tai Chi practitioners. Even nowadays Wing Chun practitioners jump onto the bandwagon. However, there is a dark side to being in love with fajing and that is fajingnitis.

You can say that fajing is a straight forward topic or you can say its not. It depends on who you talk to. The majority of fajing methods tend to focus on getting the power out in a very physical manner.

Doing in an external method is not wrong. It can be very powerful but nature’s a bitch. If you overdo fajing in this manner then sooner or later you will get to suffer pain in the lower back.

Some might go see a TCM doctor, think the back is healed and go back for more…… fajingnitis. Yes, healing the back is not the same as solving the fajingnitis issue. If you don’t solve it sooner or later it will come back. So you go and see the TCM doctor again. Then you do the same thing and again it comes.

Over time fajingnitis will occur more and more frequently. If you are not careful the pain can be so severe that one day the TCM treatment will no longer work and you have to go for surgery. It might also signal the end of your fajing happy days.

I am writing on this topic as I saw an FB post by someone today that made me recall what once happened to me. In fact, fajingnitis is nothing new. I can say that it practically happens to everyone who has ever done fajing before on a regular level, master or student notwithstanding. An example of a well known master who suffered back pain is mentioned in this thread here.

This is why To Master Tai Chi Today I do not encourage students to do fajing too early. The reason for fajingnitis is a result of the practitioner failing to understand anatomy and Newton’s Law of Motion in the role of fajing. This is why students should take the time to study the proper internal method of fajing, especially if they want to minimize the probability getting fajingnitis.


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