Student Notes – Got It?

To master Tai Chi the student can try understanding the physics behind the art.

The physics of Tai Chi may not always be immediately obvious or easy to understand right off the bat but if we don’t make an attempt to learn it we will never get to where we want to go.

For example what is the science to stopping someone trying to bulldoze you with two hands planted solidly on your chest?

The obvious answer is to lean forward, dig your heels in and push back strongly. Except you may still be pushed out if the person pushing you is much bigger or stronger.

So the answer is not to fight harder but fight smarter. But what does fighting smarter mean?

This is where if you understand physics you will see the science behind the movements of the long form and how to apply them to push hands.

Try getting a partner to push you and test out various ways you can solve the problem. Use strength if you have to. Remember how much effort you have to put in to stop the push.

Next you can try implementing the principles of physics into your attempts to resist (there are various principles you can use) and see if you can resist better using lesser effort and with minimal loss of balance.

Example of learning – I asked my student to push me as hard as he can. Then I pushed him back for contrast. Once he got it then I demonstrated a possible solution that used the physics of momentum which incidentally is the underlying principle governing Rollback.

I said that to Master Tai Chi Today is very easy. Understand the physics of Tai Chi, put them into practice then learn to apply them as many ways as possible. Assimilate the lessons, learn from failures, improve on what works less than stellar and re-examine those that failed before discarding because sometimes the technique is not the problem but the person using it.


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