Intention Exercise 5 – Minimize Effort in Movement


There is a reason why we learned how to control our balance in the previous post. In Tai Chi if you can’t balance properly then when you move during push hands particularly in the face of pressure you will lose your balance and with it your ability to respond properly.


Continuing from the previous exercise your balance is on the right side of your body.


1. Maintain your awareness on the pillar.

2. Imagine the pillar melting from the top to bottom. As it does so the liquefied stone flows from the right to the left.

3. As the liquefied stone flows from top to down, right to left allow your left leg to part to shoulder width by following it.


4. Thereafter, allow your balance to shift from right to the left. Stop once your weight is 50:50.



Since your awareness is on the left side it is now your substantial side and the right side is the insubstantial side. Thus, despite a physical equal weight distribution you are still able to separate the substantial and insubstantial.

There is an important implication for this. Put in the practice and over time you will know why I said so.

To Master Tai Chi Today requires the time and effort to study, understand, refine and master implications such as the above.


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