An Afternoon at the Bookshop

Last week I went to a bookshop in Bras Basah. Been a while since I went there.

I was told that Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s books continue to sell well. However, readers weren’t buying the single hardcover volume on the 22-Form. Even if they wanted to it would be difficult to get this edition now as it is already out of print and so far has not been reprinted. Instead, the version of the 22-Form book that continues to sell well is that of the softcover edition in which the single volume is broken into a few books.


Whilst there I chanced upon the following books which looked interesting and could be resource material for those researching the internal arts :-

File 20-8-15 7 54 27 pmThis is a book on Chen style small frame. Looks like one of the better books on this style.

File 20-8-15 7 54 54 pmFile 20-8-15 7 54 41 pm

This is an informative and analytical book on push hands.

File 20-8-15 7 55 05 pm

This book is on the Che style of Xingyiquan. Again, there is not as many books on Che style so I’m sold on it right away.

Finally, I nearly missed out on one book sitting high up on the shelves. In fact, I wasn’t entirely taken by the title when I saw it. But appearances can be misleading especially when I reluctantly took the book down and realized that its written by the famed baguazhang master who once taught in Singapore, Master Wang Han Zhi.

Below is a video of Grandmaster Wang Zhuang Fei (father of Master Wang Han Zhi) and Master Wang Han Zhi.

All in, a fruitful trip to the bookshop.


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