Right Ho Professor!

In my previous post I mentioned that students should invest in a good physics text.

I was listening to a physics lecture and there it was, the explanation for why Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s training and fajing method is spot on.

On the other hand, it also explains why the rear foot pushing off the ground method that is typically used does not allow for optimizing of the force generated and causes the person pushing to be destabilized.

The entire explanation simply rests on that one equation all of us knows, F = ma, but not in the way it is normally explained. You see, if you look at F = ma the natural conclusion to reach is that you must push fast, hard and with your entire body; and that is exactly what I see most masters do.

However, after listening to this physics lecture on acceleration particularly the detailed explanation given on the nature of acceleration the professor indirectly (I say this because he was not lecturing in the context of Tai Chi) verified why Grandmaster Wei’s fajing model is correct and can generate the type of sudden power that literally knocks a person off his feet.

What do you know? Physics, man, another key to help you Master Tai Chi Today! Rock on, Professor B.


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