The Mind Inside Tai Chi – Review 3


2-2 Mind Approach in Practicing Taijiquan (page 90)

The author lists out 10 key factors for the mind approach. Some principles are left out such as :-

– How to prep the body using intent
– The armpits intent
– Wrist elongation
– Bell body
– 2-4 points
– Hand shapes intent
– Blending and permutations of the 8 forces

A very important thing that is not mentioned at this juncture is why learn the 10 key factors. The 10 key factors lead to something. What is it?

If you take a look at Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s book there is a chapter explaining what I term the 4 major objectives which are :-

i) Relax

ii) Disperse

iii) Breakthrough

iv) Emptiness

If you are able to achieve the 4 major objectives after practicing the 10 key factors then it means you have entered the gate of mastery. The only question begging now is how do we know if our realization of the 4 major objectives is correct.

Unfortunately, the only person who can verify if you have attained the 4 major objectives correctly is your own teacher. This is provided he was in turn confirmed by his teacher. Now you know the real reason for having a transmission of the art.

The usefulness of a lineage is not for you to market yourself and your school, boast of your status as a disciple, advertise secret techniques etc. The usefulness of a lineage is that the master takes it on himself to teach you properly. Your duty is to practice hard to do justice to the teachings.

The master will guide you, reining you in when you deviate away from the essential principles. He will answer questions and clarify doubts raised by your practice. When you think you have entered the gate of mastery but unsure if this is the case the master will confirm your finding. And so on, and so on until you know the art thoroughly.


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