Old Six Routines (22-Form)

This is a clip showing Grandmaster Wei Shuren demonstrating his arrangement of the 22 posture form. This was filmed in Sydney, Australia.

Grandmaster Wei created a shorter version of the original 89 posture form so that beginners can practice it a few more times within the time constraint that modern practitioners face in their daily lives. This is because a proper practice of the 89 posture form would take up as much as 2 hours per practice session.

Grandmaster Wei’s point of view as related by my teacher was that it did not matter whether one is learning the shorter or longer form. Instead, what matters to mastery is one’s ability to absorb and utilize the essence.

Sometimes readers don’t understand what I mean by a good performance of a form. So I am going to use this gentleman’s performance for the purpose of comparison.


I am not going to analyze it but I think its obvious when I say that he has not gotten the part of use intent to move correctly. If you compare it to Grandmaster Wei’s performance the defects in this gentleman’s rendition of the form are obvious. I am not dissing him, merely pointing out for those who are interested.

The only thing I like about this clip is that the key points for performing the form is displayed in Chinese for each of the postures for those who know how to read Chinese.


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