The Mind Inside Tai Chi – Review

One night when I was surfing the internet I came across this book :-


An excerpt was provided. It was interesting to discover that this book explored the teachings of Grandmaster Wei Shuren. Since the preview looked OK I ordered a copy and today it arrived in the mail. I should mention that I had some reservations when I saw the postures of the author in the preview but let’s see the entire book before I pass judgement.

A quick scan through. It is a 156-page book; lots of words; not that many pictures which is good because I cringed when I saw the pictures. Was I too quick to judge? Let’s take a look ……


Though the author listed the principles of Grandmaster Wei’s art I cannot help but wonder when I looked at his posture of White Crane Spreads Wings if he knows that his photo shows that his understanding of the art is still mental rather than physical; what we call say one thing but do something else altogether. I think most readers can spot the difference right away when they see the author’s pose on the left and compare it with Grandmaster Wei’s on the right.

I’ll stop writing now. Once I start reading if I see something else worthy to write about I will mention it.


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