Student Notes – Listen & Act

Learning how to listen is the most fundamental requirement for learning push hands.

If you don’t learn how to listen then how do you know what is really happening?

It is common for students to think that just because they are moving and resisting they are doing good push hands. On the contrary they are not even doing push hands. They are just plain resisting without attempting to put into play the skills they have learned from the form.

Of course, if your training partner is pushing you without any game plan in mind as to how to checkmate you then he will be equally clueless as to what to do next when you are resisting, making it seem as if your resistance is working.

This is where understanding the basic sequence of Ward-off, Rollback, Press and Push comes in handy. If your training partner is turning and resisting without proper principles in place then you can use the basic sequence to lead him to positions from which he has no recourse but to lose his posture, balance and power.

In our Tai Chi training the sequence of Ward-off, Rollback, Press and Push provide a study of how to change, create empty space, lay traps, crowd opponent’s space, out position him, etc. Hence, every movement in the sequence must be studied carefully; firstly the core ideas, then basic level applications before examining the strategies. At a later stage variations can be learned, footwork added to create more permutations; always careful to keep the fundamentals intact.

With a basic game plan from learning the sequence of Ward-off, Rollback, Press and Push you can use the principle of giving yourself up so that you can truly listen to what the opponent is doing before acting on it. This is how you can Master Tai Chi Today.


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