Intention Exercise 2 – Settling the Body


This exercise is a continuation of Intention Exercise 1 which I wrote about here.

If you achieve a sufficient level of relaxation you will feel that you are very light and susceptible to gentle swaying.

To stop the swaying we use our intention to settle the body by using a mental weight. In the traditional teaching of Grandmaster Wei we call this the bell clapper line. Here I am presenting a much simpler, intuitive idea of what the bell clapper line really is; an idea which if you try it a few times you can feel something so that you know that the Yang style principles of the internal are real.


The feelings that comes from training the bell clapper line is much more complex and yields a certain body structure flavor; one that you can see in Grandmaster Wei’s posture. I see the same flavor in my teacher’s posture and after more than a decade of practice I have it too.

This is one way we can tell if someone who claims to be from our lineage has really gotten it or is just saying that he has gotten it but is not really the case. It does not matter if that person is a disciple of Grandmaster Wei or not. You either got it or you don’t; when you do it will manifest itself in many other things that you do.


As before stand upright with both feet together as this is a continuation of what we were doing in Intention Exercise 1.

If you have lost the feeling of relaxation you can repeat Intention Exercise 1 to put you into the proper frame of awareness before trying Intention Exercise 2.


1. Think of the top of your head as shown in Picture (i).

2. Now think of where your tailbone is. Imagine that just below it is a weighted ball hanging in space (Picture (ii).

3. Visualize a string being lowered from the top of your head to the weighted ball below your tailbone. Once the string reaches the weighted ball it is joined to it (the how and why is not important).

bell24. Still keeping the feeling of the weighted ball hanging by a string in your awareness try doing Intention Exercise 1 again.


What do you feel after doing Intention Exercise 2?

The feelings is another confirmation that what you think of (i.e. your intention) can affect the way your body reacts.

It is possible to add a bit more to this exercise to yield other interesting feelings; stuff that is useful in a push hands context. If you like to know more about the additional exercise email me on what you feel from this exercise and I will tell you more. Want to Master Tai Chi Today don’t be shy.


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