Intention Exercise 1 – A Feedback

Anyone tried my Intention Exercise 1 in this post?

Anyway, one person, X, did and below are some extracted comments :-

The first time, I did not even visualize the torch light.  I just worked with the 5 zones demarcation, and otherwise tried to relax using what I would call my normal approach.  I got a new feeling right away!  It was odd but not unpleasant; more the opposite.  The word I eventually came up with was “dissipating”.  Now why should it feel good to have my head dissipate?  But it did.

Oh yeah, by this time I had remembered to try shining the torch.  And I got another new feeling!  This one was more pronounced and also a little easier to describe.  I could feel the torch beam hitting my face.  And I felt something like pressure.  But it was dispersed rather than focused and in searching for a description I decided I was feeling “energizing pressure”.

Which is funny because what the heck is energizing pressure?  It doesn’t exist, I can’t think of any ready examples offhand.  Except maybe a massage?  I dunno — all I can say is that I felt a strong yet gentle, and steady energizing pressure from the torch shining.  Nothing like a massage, certainly.  I felt the dissipation more distinctly and yet the “pressure” continued, it was a weird steady state feeling.

Just now I find myself thinking “What if I really was feeling pressure and I was dispersing it; that would fit into the Zenmindsword taiji”.  But it wasn’t like that; the torch was dispersing me with pressure, and it was automatic, I was doing absolutely nothing consciously except trying to maintain the Intention as described in the instructions.  There was no ‘activity” on my part except for maintaining the shining torch.  My body feeling responded immediately; and continued to do so.

However, as someone who’s been working on this kind of stuff for years and having had sporadic successes here and there, I know what I did and I know what I felt.  No one told me what to feel…

If you have tried the exercise and have some experience to share please post in the Comments at the end of this post. Want to Master Tai Chi Today? Be open minded and adventurous to try things that are beyond your comfort zone. You might be surprised at what you come across.


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