Learn Tai Chi


Begin your mastery with our 3-step approach to learning the art.

a) Learning Objectives

i) Learn to fajing efficiently with the use of intent and subtle, refined body movements using traditional small frame body structure

Explosive fajing using intention to generate penetrating force
Using relaxed body to generate whipping power for striking

ii) Learn to push hands intelligently using principles infused techniques to effect strategic game plans

Playing push hands with the use of game plans

iii) Learn to apply techniques effectively by optimizing the use of strength, timing, distancing, positioning, etc.

Learning to use an alive body in push hands
Using techniques to overcome resistance
Using linking movements to break open opponent’s guard

b) How to Learn

i) Step 1 – We tell you what you are learning; why you are learning it and how to learn it

ii) Step 2 – We teach you how to practice the principles using our forms. We also show you applications to help you understand how to do the forms properly

iii) Step 3 – We use push hands to train you how to respond dynamically using the forms you have learned

c) Learning Objectives

i) 1-to-1 private lessons, minimum once per week

ii) Conducted in English

iii) Teaching customized to learning ability of each student

We are located in the south-west region (Yew Tee) of Singapore. Lessons in the evenings week nights or whole day weekends.

Contact us today using the form below to take the first step towards your mastery of Tai Chi Chuan.


Begin your journey to master Tai Chi by clicking here.

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