Tai Chi Intention Exercises 2

In the first post here I mentioned the requirement for distinct separation of the function of intention from that of the body so that we know that our use of intention is real and not just a spurious feeling.

This is important because a spurious feeling of using intention will not allow you to be able to reproduce the fajing of Grandmaster Wei that was in the video. Thus, the first step to take to Master Tai Chi Today is to know what the feeling of using intention is.

To achieve this I have configured 12 exercises as listed below to introduce readers to the feeling of real intention (zhen yi) that is distinct from the shape (body) :-

Exercise 1 – Optimizing Sung with Intention

Exercise 2 – Settling the Body

Exercise 3 – Substantial-Insubstantial

Exercise 4 – Control of Balance

Exercise 5 – Minimize Effort in Movement

Exercise 6 – Connecting to Ground

Exercise 7 – Growing Roots

Exercise 8 – Power Through Intention

Exercise 9 – Rising Energy

Exercise 10 – Spiral Energy

Exercise 11 – Wave Energy

Exercise 12 – Be As One

The 12 exercises are based on what I teach to beginners for learning Beginning Posture which I have mentioned many times is very important for mastering Tai Chi. If you want to know more about the learning of Beginning Posture in a beginner form’s context you can refer to page 126 – 136, TaijiKinesis Vol 2 available here.

Currently, the exercises are not ready to be published. Once they are you can go directly to each respective exercise by clicking on it.

The best way to go through the exercises is not by reading and then trying them. The recommended method is by asking a friend with a good commanding voice to read through the instructions as you read them with the requisites pause and taping them with a voice recorder.

When you are ready to try the exercises lose your preconceptions, hit the play button of the recorder, listen to the instructions and try to do what you are being told to with faith. Try a few times if you don’t feel anything at first.

From my teaching experience I know that if the student allows himself to follow the instructions and stop resisting a new way of doing things interesting feelings will occur. Those feelings when realized properly and fully will free you from the restrictions that is holding back your ability to issue internal power.


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