Tai Chi Intention Exercises

The use of intention to control the body’s movements during form play, fajing and push hands is a distinguishing characteristic of the Yang style Tai Chi of Grandmaster Wei Shuren’s lineage.

As passed down by Grandmaster Wei the use of intention requires a clear separation of what the mind is thinking of from what the body is doing at the same time. If this is not complied to then the force from the ground will be impeded and you will end up relying on strong muscles to push / thrust out the power instead of borrowing strength from the opponent to spark off the power generation process.

The difference between both process of power generation can be easily seen if you but open up your eyes. The power that is generated by using muscular pushing requires a lot more effort and the opponent will be pushed back linearly by being displaced from his initial position. On the other hand, when the power that comes from using intention to manipulate the body is applied it will make the opponent feel as if he has been suddenly lifted up by a wave before being dumped down.

If you are not clear on what I mean then take a look at this video of Grandmaster Wei, specifically at 0:09.

Try to duplicate what he is showing here and see if you can reproduce the result. I’ll bet that even if your partner is cooperative it will be difficult if not impossible to duplicate the result. Ask your partner to voluntarily hop, video it and compare to see if the flavor of the hop is similar to what is on the video.

Want to Master Tai Chi Today? First learn to see and discern the difference between that which is claimed to be internal but which is not against that which is really internal. Perhaps then you can begin to make real progress.


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