Health Benefits of Tai Chi Chuan

This is a good article on the health benefits of Tai Chi because the writer actually walked the talk.

I particularly like this part :-

But in our stressed out world many of us are living in a continuous state of stress without even being aware of it. Without practice the relaxation response doesn’t always occur. Qigong and Tai Chi can help us return to homeostasis and the relaxation response.

Most of the time when we are stressed out at work we find it easy to take the six pack out and smoke. Some bite their finger nails. Others suffer in their own ways.

Probably not many realized that when stressed a good thing to do is to take time out to practice Tai Chi. OK, some may think yeah but I am stressed at work and stretched for time so I can’t exactly find the time nor the place to do so.

And I would say yes, but this is thinking in a stressed, boxed-in manner. Tai Chi teaches you to relax and think out of the box. One of the best ways to learn how to think out of the box is by doing push hands but alas, more people are interested in using it to resist strength and hence stressed themselves out even more. If you think out of the box you would realize that Tai Chi can be practiced by sitting still, walking from Point A to Point B, whilst listening to someone talking during a meeting (by the way, this is an excellent way to train concentration), standing up, holding a book and reading, whilst driving, and so many more ways.

Many times we are stressed because when someone piles pressure on us whether to do work or during push hands we tense up and start resisting back. We forget the value of harmonizing and going with the flow. Have you ever argued with someone whose mind is already made up? The more you argue your point the more entrenched the other person is in his position. Its exactly the same thing in push hands. With most people the harder you push, the harder they push back.

We learn the principles by being the Way whether using the form or push hands to learn it. We assimilate it into our being, our daily life until we are at one with it. Then instead of being angry we learn to empathize, to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. By being in harmony we lay down our ego and live a happier life; in push hands when we give up ourselves we become as one with the opponent and at that moment the physical barrier between you and him evaporates even a light tap from you will make him bounce off the ground. This is not magic nor fakery, just physics at work.

Master Tai Chi Today is not always about fighting; we need to take care of our health too because until you lose it you will never realize how precious it is.


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