A Tale of Two Elbows

This is a follow up on the topic of elbow position in my earlier post Cross Training.

If you are one of those Wing Chun practitioners who want to amp up your power by trying to learn the internal power of Tai Chi and add it into your Wing Chun then you should take a look at the topic of elbow position.

This is because the Tai Chi elbow is designed to assist in delivering a tremendous surge of power from the ground with optimized movements and effort whilst being used together with the art’s repertoire of techniques. If you modify your Wing Chun to use the Tai Chi elbow position you will change the positioning of your Wing Chun techniques and you will have to change a few other things to continue making your art effective.

So what is the difference between both art’s positioning of the elbow? Let’s take a look.


This topic is also relevant to those Tai Chi practitioners who are tempted to take up Wing Chun because they find that their art’s techniques are not really effective. Yes, folks if you want to Master Tai Chi Today you really need to know your topic really well.

I am going to stop writing now and let you do some thinking, analyzing and experimenting. I will continue this on another day.


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