Primal Posture

Anyone heard of Primal Posture?

I saw a link to it on Facebook. There is a TEDxStandford video on it too below :-

Good information for those suffering from back pain. Let you in on a little secret – this is something we do in our Tai Chi which comes down from Grandmaster Wei Shuren. Its just that we don’t have any sexy term for it. In fact, we don’t even have a term for this spine elongation though its part of the entire process of mentally forming the 3-Qi Rings.

Below I have taken the diagram from the website and placed it side-by-side with the picture from Grandmaster Wei’s book which touches on the 3-Qi Rings. Maybe I should call it Qi-Spine ……


I don’t know if the Primal Posture is helpful for things like fajing. However, the Qi-Posture (yup, this is what we call the Tai Chi postures in Grandmaster Wei’s style) is extremely effective for fajing in the following ways :-

a) It allows you to fajing without hurting your lower back

b) You can fajing strongly with little movement

c) You can fajing with either long force or short force impulse depending on whether your intention is to move opponent away or hurt him

A simpler method for learning spine elongation is taught to my students in the first form they learn. Alas, most of them skip over this part because they didn’t think its important. Like I said there are a lot of important information in the Beginning Posture.

Want to Master Tai Chi Today? Start paying more attention to the fundamentals and mastery of powerful fajing is not impossible.


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