Push Hands Game Plan

When I first taught my student the elements of Push Hands Game he didn’t seem interested. Many months later he can no longer ignore it.

You see, Mr-X (I call all students Mr-X for convenience) has been trying out on his friends and along the way he had some success and some failures. Though I like to hear of his success I am more interested to hear of his failures because this is the best way to learn. As long as his test dummies were not up to his level he can get away with murder.

However, Mr-X’s skill is not such that his practice partners cannot see what he did and adjusted their game accordingly. So the moment his practice partners got the hang of what he did whatever it is he did will no longer work. This applies particularly to what I call the one-trick pony technique.

That’s why I asked him if he managed to break through his practice partner’s guard what would he do and this is one area he is currently weak on. We worked on entries and positioning; once in what to attack, how to position and set up, bait and trap, understand the options of the position – basically a push hands game plan that will help him dominate and make it less easy for his practice partners to figure out what he is doing.

Typically, push hands tend to be a pushy affair but it would help a lot if we apply the concepts of statistics, game theory and combat strategy to improving our game. So if you want to Master Tai Chi Today pay some attention to it.


Want to learn Tai Chi? At Singapore Yang Style Combat Tai Chi lessons covering forms, weaponry, push hands, fajing and applications are offered. Lessons are conducted in English. Send enquiry today at the link here.

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