I know, I know, you feel like moving, you want to move, you need to move, you can’t stand to stand still for too long; gotta start moving to do Tai Chi. Right? Wrong!

Doing Tai Chi is not just about moving; it is also about your state of mind, how you govern your intent and the awareness you have of what is happening inside and outside your body. Previously, I mentioned about the importance of not rushing to begin moving right away in Post 1 and Post 2.

However, you can’t be standing there forever, right? So OK, let’s make do with a minimum requirement for now so that you can start to move. I know, standing there is boring and a bitch cause the monkey in your mind is starting to chatter and you gotta move otherwise you won’t feel like you are doing Tai Chi.

Beginning to move is a test of your ability to root strongly and be centralized. So you begin to move and you promptly displayed your inability to root properly and you lose the zhong ding property. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Now you understand that keeping your intent is much harder than you thought. Start to move and you lose your intent, your concentration. Maintaining it sounded easy until you had to do it. Never mind, try again, and again, and again. You can get it. Just don’t give up.

It is not impossible to Master Tai Chi Today. Nope. Having the will to see things through will allow you to master the art. Now you can understand that Grandmaster Wang Yongquan’s advice to begin Tai Chi with intent needs to be taken seriously because through failing to meet the requirements of the Beginning Posture you can have a hint of the complexity of the art and the hard work that awaits you.


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