Begin With Patience 2

In the previous post here I mentioned the importance of the very first thing we learn in Beginning Posture.

Learning to be patient is just icing on the cake. As noted Zen practitioner, Qinshan Wensui, once said upon coming across a pail of water “When the water is still, the moon comes out.” Thus, in the first sub-movement of the 1st movement of the form we say that when the body is still, the intention comes out. This has deep implication for the cultivation of Tai Chi jing methodology.

When we stand there we assume a posture much easier to cultivate than when using a zhanzhuang posture. This is why in our Tai Chi we don’t need to do zhanzhuang; but at a certain stage of understanding if a student feels like doing it then no problem with it.

So we stand and we let go, let go, let go. You won’t jump into the state right away but keep plugging at it and your body will let go of unnecessary strength; with it you will feel sensations that teach you something about your body’s movements (hint – page 50, TaijiKinesis Vol 2).

Alright, so you have the sensations but hey, don’t stop there. Want to Master Tai Chi Today keep working on it, don’t stop. The feelings will deepen. As you work on your push hands at a certain juncture what you learn here will come into play. So patience grasshopper, patience.


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