1.0 Introduction

We offer lessons in self-defense techniques from the  Ngok Gar Kuen (岳家拳) system of combat.

Ngok Gar Kuen (Cantonese pronunciation) is a Hakka style of pugilism. Its origin is said to be Emei in China from whence it was transmitted to Malaysia and now to Singapore.

2.0 Lineage

Our lineage of Ngok Gar Kuen is as follows :-



3.0 Overview

For the purpose of self-defense our learning of Ngok Gar Kuen will focus on the following topics :-

i) 1st Qigong Set (第一行功 <aka 行功吊勁>)

ii) 2nd Qigong Set ( (第二行功 aka <金剛十八式行功>)

iii) Routines (套路)

4.0 Skills

4.1 1st Qigong Set

To develop functional skills students begin their training with the 1st Qigong Set. This is a standing qigong set to develop internal strength through a series of standing postures.

Students who train this set regularly will develop heavy elastic power in their strikes. Students train to release this hard-soft power by practicing the techniques of the 2nd Qigong Set.

4.2 Second Qigong Set

The practice of the 1st Qigong Set is followed by the 2nd Qigong Set. The 18 movements of the this set provides the means for trainees to learn how to release and apply the internal power trained in the 1st Qigong Set.

The techniques of the 2nd Qigong Set are :-

i) Twist step, leg method (拗步腿法)

ii) Pulling punch (來搥 / 挾拳開功)

iii) Cut, hurl, shovel palms (割拋鏟掌)

iv) Twist step crushing, drilling punch (拗步崩鑽)

v) Crushing, drilling, rushing punch (崩鑽沖天)

vi) Crushing, drilling, advance bow step (崩鑽上弓)

vii) Crushing, cannon, rushing punch (崩炮沖天)

viii) Twist step, darting hand (拗步標手)

ix) Morning sun, bump body (朝楊碰身)

x) White tiger lifts head (白虎抬頭)

xi) Double, swaying hands (雙擺手)

xii) Double, pushing hands (雙推手)

xiii) Lifting hand, advance bow (提手上弓)

xiv) Big roc spreads wings (大鵬展翼)

xv) Four gates crashing fist (四門撞搥)

xvi) Cat brow, wash face (猫眉洗臉)

xvii) Single dominate fist (單霸王)

xviii) Double dominate fist (雙霸王)

Example of a movement from the 2nd Qigong Set; this set trains hard-soft power by using proper biomechanics to train the technique of pulling punch (來搥 / 挾拳開功) :-

4.3 Routines

The flow, changes and strategies of the techniques of the 2nd Qigong Set are studied in three fundamental forms :-

i) Dominate Fist (霸王拳) – this form develops your skill to dominate the center gate

ii) Linking Fist (連環拳) – this form trains your ability to link and flow from one technique to the next

iii) Vajra Step (金剛步) – this form teaches you how to use stepping to control your position

Below is a demonstration of Vajra Step by Grandmaster Cheong’s son who taught in Penang until his untimely passing :-

5.0 Strength and Conditioning

Trainees learn basic strength and conditioning to help sharpen their striking tools. An example is shown below on how to develop bumping force :-


6.0 Technical Applications

The techniques of the 2nd Qigong Set are studied  to develop your sense of timing, angling and distance.

You should also learn how to apply the sequence of techniques and strategies found in the three routines in the context of specific self-defense scenarios.

7.0 The Future

Master Cheong Fook once mentioned about opening a Ngok Gar Kuen club in Singapore since it is not practiced here.

With this I hope to fulfill Master Cheong’s wish at long last.